Professional Pet Stylist

Licensed Professional Pet Stylist Program – 12 weeks Full Time

Our licensed program is a full time, 12 week (480 hour) course. Applicants must be 19 years old or over. It is specifically designed to take students who have little or no experience and give them all the skills necessary to become a certified Professional Pet Stylist.  Student loan funding is available for students enrolling in our licensed program. For more information and to apply go to:

Upon graduation, students will be confident in completing a variety of pet styles as a finishing groomer and able to obtain full time employment in their chosen profession.

Graduates will also gain a working knowledge of Canadian Kennel Club classifications with regards to purebred dogs and breed clips, including various specialized techniques, such as hand stripping. Canine anatomy, common parasites, handling techniques and pet first aid are also required elements.

At Alberta School of Dog Grooming, our emphasis is on giving students as much hands-on, practical experience as possible. No two dogs are ever the same, and only by continued practice can we give you the handling skills you will need to be a confident and successful groomer.

On Graduation

All graduates will be certified by Alberta School of Dog Grooming as a “Professional Pet Stylist,” and will also be certified in canine first aid.

Graduates will be fully prepared to obtain employment as a full time, entry level, finishing groomer anywhere in the industry. Those who choose to start their own business on graduation (and many do!) will be able to do so confident in their ability to produce quality work and provide excellent customer service.

What’s Next?

Our graduates are currently in high demand in this rapidly expanding industry. Alberta School of Dog Grooming has gained a solid reputation for producing well rounded, passionate, skilled new grooming professionals.

Opportunities include employment in established grooming shops, pet stores, veterinary practices, doggy day care, and boarding kennels. And, of course, you could always start your own business!

Entrance Requirements

Course Description

This course is designed to take students with little or no grooming experience and over 12 weeks give them all the instruction necessary to become a competent professional pet stylist. Topics covered will include:

  1. Equipment options and maintenance
  2. Basic canine handling and behavior
  3. Groom shop safety
  4. CKC classification of purebred dogs
  5. Most common cross breeds
  6. Canine first aid
  7. Common parasites
  8. Basic canine anatomy, including skin and hair
  9. Salon basics: cleaning and organization
  10. Salon safety: including equipment use
  11. Grooming products: what to use, why, and when
  12. Bathing, drying, nail trimming, and ear cleaning
  13. Common pet grooming styles
  14. Pattern setting for breed standard grooming
  15. Scissoring and Clipping technique
  16. Client/ groomer communication
  17. Record keeping
  18. Graduation options

Need to know more? Then contact us we are here to help you find out if this is the right career for you.


So far, I have hired two graduates from the Alberta School of Dog Grooming and I couldn’t be more thrilled! It was obvious right away that the training was thorough and reflected the most up to date grooming techniques.
Both graduates felt ready to begin their careers immediately after training and my clients continue to be thrilled with the results!
I would recommend this grooming school to anyone seeking excellent training towards a rewarding career working with animals! Well done to Lyn and her team!
Owner of ‘Through the Woof Canine Salon & Barkery

- Debi Bailer — Certified Groomer

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