I live too far out of town/province to commute. Do you help with accommodation?

Yes. We offer our out of town students help in finding local and affordable accommodation while they attend school.

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Do I need to buy my own equipment, or is it supplied?

Course fees include a full equipment package. If necessary, the costs could be covered by student loan funding. Information on funding can be found at the ALIS website.

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Is there an upper age limit?

Our oldest graduate was 57yrs. Every student is assessed on an individual basis for meeting the entrance requirements.

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After graduation, will I have the necessary grooming experience to start my own business?

Yes! Many of our graduates have done so with great success, and the pet industry is one of the fastest growing in North America. Remember, though, that you will be at the beginning of your professional career. If you groom with confidence in your skills, concentrating on turning out ‘quality’ product and providing excellent customer service, you can achieve success.

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What is your average class size?

Average class size is currently 3–4 students per month. This ensures maximum one-on-one time with your instructor.

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Do you offer distance learning or correspondence courses?

Unfortunately, no. We strongly believe that only by hands-on experience will you become a confident professional in this industry. But don’t worry! Our courses are specifically designed with plenty of hands-on experience in mind.

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Will I get lots of hands-on experience grooming during the course?

Yes! The course is designed to give you as much practical experience on ‘real’ canine clients as possible. Generally, you will work on at least two different dogs per day. This is one reason why our graduates are successful and are able to ‘hit the ground running’ on graduation, and transition rapidly into the workplace as confident Professional Pet Stylists.

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Do you offer part time courses?

Not presently. We do, however, offer a one month course for those wanting to join the industry at the entry level as a technician/assistant. This option is great for those wanting to obtain shorter-term, professional training and still explore the industry as a possible career option. For more information, click here.

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I have been grooming for a few years but have no formal training. Do you offer anything so I can upgrade my skills and become certified?

Definitely. We offer a month long program for those with previous grooming experience who want to challenge our examinations and join our proud family of graduates.

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Is there much home study required?

Since we want to maximize the amount of practical time with pets and clients, some home study is involved. It isn’t excessive, and it’s essentially confined to the first four weeks.

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I did not graduate high school. Can I apply as a mature student?

Yes! We offer a mature entry option for those mature students who did not get a high school diploma. You will be required to take an aptitude test, so please contact us for further details.

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Do you offering training in cat grooming?

We will do our best to offer some practical instruction and experience, but cat grooming does not form part of the curriculum. For more specific information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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I may have an allergy to animals but would still like to groom. Can I still apply?

Any known allergies must be declared at time of enrollment. Anyone with known allergies still wanting to take the course would have to obtain a certificate from a medical practitioner prior to acceptance.

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Do you offer help finding employment on graduation?

Not directly, however our graduates and alumni are already in high demand within the industry. Employers approach us to recruit potential employees, and place advertisements on our Facebook page. In 2013, our placement rate for graduates was 94%.

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What age do I need to be before I can enroll?

18yrs and over for all courses with the exception of the ‘Canine Stylist Technician,’ which is 16yrs and over

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I don’t have dogs or experience with animals, but I still think this is something I would like to do. Is this course for me?

This course has been designed for those with no experience with animals; however, we have an application process that includes a personal interview to help guide you with your career choice. It is also recommended (but by no means necessary) that you consider volunteering at a local Humane Society or veterinary clinic, or job shadow a local groomer. This would give you great introductory experience working with animals as a career.

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English is not my first language. Can I still take the course?

Of course! Only fluency in English is a requirement.

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Is this course just for beginners, or do you offer more advanced training?

Our 12 week course is specifically designed for those starting out in the industry. We also offer customized courses for those looking for training in specific areas (e.g. scissoring technique, pattern setting or general skills upgrading). These can be tailored to your specific needs. Contact us for more information.

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So far, I have hired two graduates from the Alberta School of Dog Grooming and I couldn’t be more thrilled! It was obvious right away that the training was thorough and reflected the most up to date grooming techniques.
Both graduates felt ready to begin their careers immediately after training and my clients continue to be thrilled with the results!
I would recommend this grooming school to anyone seeking excellent training towards a rewarding career working with animals! Well done to Lyn and her team!
Owner of ‘Through the Woof Canine Salon & Barkery

- Debi Bailer — Certified Groomer

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